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IKEA hackers

About the theme of the "IKEA hackers"

In my artistic endeavor inspired by the IKEA hackers community, I repurpose and customize IKEA packaging paper from their RIBBA frames to create
a new series of artworks.

Utilizing color tapes, I embark on a process of geometric and graphic composition, transforming the humble packaging material into vibrant
and dynamic visual expressions.

Each packaging paper becomes a canvas for exploration, with color tapes as versatile tools for adding depth, contrast, and structure to the compositions.  

The geometric and graphic compositions formed through the application of color tapes reflect the ethos of creative hacking embraced by the IKEA community.

Just as individuals in the online community innovate and customize IKEA products to suit their needs, I adapt and transform the packaging paper
into unique and personalized artworks. 

Through careful placement and arrangement of color tapes, I reimagine
the original design, infusing it with new energy and purpose.  

As I repurpose the IKEA packaging paper into art, I pay homage to
the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the hacking community while also exploring the potential for creative expression in everyday materials.

By incorporating color tapes into geometric and graphic compositions,
I visually represent the transformative power of creative hacking, demonstrating how ordinary objects can be repurposed and reinvented
to yield unexpected beauty and meaning.     

Details of the series


Material                          Color tapes, collages
Medium                           Paper 20 x 20 inches
Date                                  2023
Authentification            Signed and title on the back

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