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Surreal landscapes

About the theme of "surreal lansdcapes"

In my artistic process, I integrate found imagery from a photo book discovered near my studio in Brooklyn, focusing specifically on photographs depicting natural or urban landscapes.

These images serve as the foundation for exploring the interplay between
the figurative and the abstract.

Through careful selection, I choose photographs that capture the essence
of these environments, from bustling city streets to serene natural vistas.  

Once I have selected the appropriate images, I overlay them with geometric compositions created using tapes.

This juxtaposition of the figurative photographs with abstract geometric shapes creates a graphic offset, inviting viewers to reconsider their perception
of the familiar scenes depicted in the pictures.

By introducing geometric elements onto the prints, I disrupt the conventional representation of landscapes, blurring the boundary between abstraction and realism.

The resulting compositions challenge viewers to navigate the subjective border between abstraction and representation.

The geometric shapes interact dynamically with the photographic elements, creating an intriguing and thought-provoking visual dialogue.

Through this process, I seek to explore the complexity of perception
and interpretation, inviting viewers to engage with the images on multiple levels and to contemplate the relationship between the concrete and the conceptual in visual art.      

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