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End grain

About the theme of the "nature of the wood"

Using color tapes in geometric and graphic compositions, I visually explore
Its cellular structure inspires the unique characteristics of wood.

Wood is composed of hollow, elongate, spindle-shaped cells arranged more
or less parallel to each other in the direction of the tree trunk.

Each color tape represents a different aspect of the wood's composition,
from its varying tones to the different types of matter.

Geometric shapes and patterns mimic the arrangement of spindle-shaped cells within the wood, visually representing its structural tissue.  

By layering color tapes in varying tones and textures, I capture the complexity and depth of wood's internal composition.

The geometric compositions mirror the organized yet intricate nature of wood's cellular arrangement, while the graphic elements evoke the tactile qualities and organic patterns found within the material. 

Through this artistic interpretation, viewers are invited to delve deeper
into the essence of wood, exploring its hidden beauty beyond the surface
of the bark.  

As viewers engage with these compositions, they are encouraged to consider natural materials like wood's inherent beauty and complexity.

By highlighting the structural tissue and cellular organization beneath
the bark, I aim to foster a deeper appreciation for the intricate wonders
of the natural world.

Through the interplay of color tapes in geometric and graphic compositions,
I offer a new perspective on the nature of wood, inviting viewers to see beyond its external appearance and explore the hidden layers of its inner structure.

Details of the series


Material                          Transparent plastic sheets, color tapes, wood, wood grain tape
Medium                           Paper 17 x 12 inches
Date                                 2022
Authentification            Signed and title on the back

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