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Moving alike

About the theme of "human and nonhuman relations"

In this series exploring movement as a shared characteristic between humans and nonhumans, I employ abstract shapes created through collages and tapes
to convey the dynamic nature of this phenomenon.

By layering various textures, colors, and patterns, I evoke movement's fluidity and complexity in organic and inorganic forms.

Each shape represents a moment in time, capturing the essence of motion
and transformation. 

By juxtaposing different shapes and textures, I seek to suggest
the interconnectedness of movement across diverse contexts.

Whether it's the graceful dance of a bird in flight or the subtle shifting of shadows on a city street, each element contributes to the overall composition, highlighting the ubiquity of movement in our daily lives. 

Kiinshipp ceremony 5b copy-detail2.jpg
Kiinshipp ceremony 5b copy-detail1.jpg

By blurring the boundaries between human and nonhuman forms, I invite viewers to reconsider their relationship with the world around them and recognize the intrinsic connections between all living beings.  

As I arrange these abstract shapes into dynamic compositions, I aim to evoke a sense of rhythm and energy that mirrors the pulsating vitality
of the natural world.

The interplay of light and shadow, color and texture, creates a visual symphony that captures the essence of movement in its myriad forms.

Through this exploration, I hope to inspire contemplation and appreciation
for the beauty and complexity of our world and foster a deeper understanding of our shared existence with the nonhuman beings that inhabit it.

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