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Art in 2018

Implications on unconsciousness

Mainly inspired by New York, I developed the concept of "geographic abstraction"

I am interested in the randomness of unconscious through imaginary maps as my work is based on emotional recognition through urban or natural environments.

My artistic process delves into the complex undercurrents of intimate & collective interactions.

Based on feelings or memories, I keep exploring forms & lines in my map compositions: I form disaggregated grids
and imaginary maps revealing social tensions and relationships, instead of addresses & landmarks.

It's my visual study of the anatomy of a city because we all have a city in mind :)

Selected shows in 2018

Solo show

Collective shows

Trager Contemporary gallery, Charleston, SC, USA
Chashama gallery, NY, USA

L'atelier Ldep Gallery, Miami, FL, USA
Gallery 104, New York, NY, USA
Bushwick Open Studio 2018, NY, USA
Van de Goudenberg Gallery, Basel, Switzerland

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