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In comic books, superheroes help the world to become a safer place and committed to protecting the public and
they show us that at a time of crisis, they will come to our rescue:)
Of course, in real life, it's different and for example, health care workers are being hailed as “heroes” at this time of COVID-19.

But, are they simply human-heroes?
There is this unspoken rule that doctors and health care providers must be above emotions and above pain.

Like us, they should be able to get over feeling overwhelmed, sad, scared, or in pain rapidly in order to be there
for their patients and their suffering. 

Hidden Heerro 1

  • Unframed.
    Numbered or titled on the back.
    Certificate of authenticity.
    Please note that all artworks will be shipped
    unframed and secured in a package.
    (tube, cardboard box, rigid envelope)

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