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Onsite installation: 'Urban Emotion Representation part 1'

Summer 2019

Austell Place, Long Island city, NY, USA

Heart for Art organizes once a month an evening discussing about mental health in fashion.

Produced by Heart for Art, the event happens in Long Island City at the Austell Place located 47-11 Austell Place. For this exhibition, I show two site-specific installations called 'Urban Emotion Representation'.

Compounded of recycled tubes used to protect things while stocked or transported, each assemblage creates by itself concepts of the urban experience.

Both works bring to the public the possibility of reflections about society’s standards, technological bullying, social tensions, fleeting relationships, new notions of time and virtual experiences.

Mixing the boundaries of consciousness and unconsciousness, experience and perception, signs and signifiers, my work synthesizes the subjectivity related to urbanity, reminding us how rigid and complex are the relationships, boundaries, and patterns of our existence and how malleable and delicate they are.

The first one features black-painted tubes, a metaphor of the city's nightlife. They are aligned in a vertical orientation but have different sizes and high, creating an organized chaos in which a group walks towards the same direction even though each individual is different.



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