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Outdoor installation: "Yyphaee"

Sept 30 – Nov 15, 2023

Terrain Biennial, Newburgh, NY, USA, 2023

Outdoor installation for Terrain Biennial, Newburgh, NY, USA, 2023

A grassroots public art festival that brings artists and neighbors together to put art on the front lawns, porches, windows, and rooftops in Newburgh, NY

The art sculpture featuring 8 steel hoops suspended on a gray wall embodies a captivating representation of abstract connections akin to the intricate networks found in roots and fungal mycelium.

The installation not only celebrates the beauty of these natural networks but also invites viewers to contemplate the often unseen yet vital connections that shape our world. With their interweaving forms, they evoke the profound interconnectedness that underlies all life, mirroring the hidden bonds between organisms in a forest or the intricate ties that bind communities together. Yellow symbolizes the cooperative relationships between different entities, be it a forest or a community, and the strength that comes from working together.

It is a powerful way to convey the themes of vitality, clarity, collaboration, renewal, and comfort within these complex and essential systems of life.



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