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Virtual studio visit: Arts outreach studio visits OCAC

February 18, 2021

109 S William, studio G5, Newburgh, NY, USA

Studio Visits allow audiences an inside-look at the artists’ creative space, process and opens a dialogue between artists and viewers. Studio Visits are educational, enhance cultural awareness and engage the public with artists in our communities. The 2022 studio visits will be hosted live online with clips of past

Studio Visit is online on this YouTube channel.

Philippe was born in Meaux, France. After graduating from the Art and Graphic Design School EDTA SORNAS, in Paris in 1995, he moved to Switzerland where his work was primarily figurative. He later moved to Aix-en-Provence where his oeuvre became increasingly abstract, light, bold and colorful. He ultimately transitioned into a playful, unpredictable abstraction of pure geometric forms and grids against white space. Living in, and influenced by New York City from 2016 until 2020, Philippe is evolving his style in exciting and innovative ways by translating emotions and shaping them into abstract psychogeographic maps. He is currently living and working in Newburgh since last September 2020.

Arts Outreach Studio Visits are presented by Orange County Arts Council.



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