"The behavioral impact of
the nonhuman world in urban places"

My work is about psychogeography: I am still searching the point at which psychology & geography collide in art related to the impact of urban or natural places and how thinking looks like through abstraction.


The environment changes our collective or personal behavior, affects our perceptions, influences our collective connections, and reveals the invisible interconnections with the non-human world (objects and animals).

It is an inexhaustible data collection device full of various accesses to the non-human world. 

The artistic concept is the result of constant research of internal mind maps using myself as a data collection device to reach the nonhuman subjective capacity.

"Psychogeography and drifting are fundamental to my art"


Abstract thinking

"Emotions and senses generate the shape of a map

but it's more than a map"

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"Spatial representation of emotion"

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