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Collective exhibition: 'Pink Vivid emotions'

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Planet Vivid Gallery, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Planet Vivid Gallery opened in November 2006 and was founded by Helen Hofmann, the gallery director, and Ronnie Zimmermann, who is the resident artist. This gallery project is about creating something new and different with energy and passion.

We chose a special and different name for the gallery, with the intention to create on the one hand a communication platform for modern contemporary art and on the other hand to indicate our concept of art, which is life-affirming, cosmopolitan, spontaneous, emotionally profound.

Many times I am asked how I choose the artists and how I select the artwork. Most important is that the artists of Planet Vivid are dedicated to creating art. The artists we work with are vivid and energetic and devote their lives to creating art. We are interested in their well being and professional development. Like us, they have a strong passion for what they do. The artwork chosen is different, fresh, new and exciting.


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