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Press: Artist talk between Rachel Hansen and Philippe Halaburda

MADE IN BED magazine for an artist talk

October 30, 2020, London, UK

The artist Philippe Halaburda in his studio in Bushwtck

MADE IN BED is an independently run website and magazine produced by students at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London. MADE IN BED provides insight and perspective on the global art world through the research and creative endeavours of the Institute’s own student body and alumni.

It takes its name from Bedford Square, home to the institute’s London campus, and references where most students inevitably end up writing the articles published on the website. This is true, now more than ever, as we come to you remotely from across the globe.

Unlock the creative insights in this engaging artist talk. Join Me as I delve into my artistic process, inspirations, and the stories behind my artworks. Gain exclusive access to my mind of a visionary artist in this thought-provoking discussion.



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