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Press: 'Psychogeography mapping'

Unpsychology magazine

Issue 8, Summer 2022

The 8th issue of Unpsychology is a special collaboration with the Warm Data community, which is built around the work, ideas and practices of Nora Bateson. ​ The anthology itself is a 268 page e-book, curated, stitched and crafted together by the team of editors, Lesley McClean, who spent hours creating the visual look and feel of the piece; Phillip Gullemi, who guided us through the intricacies of Warm Data and Batesonian theory and practice; together with the two of us – Julia Macintosh and SteveThorp – long-time editors at Unpsychology. We’ve loved the process and found in it some deep relational learning of our own! ​ Unpsychology Magazine is entirely supported by the writers, artists and editors. If you'd like to support the magazine, you can make a donation here. Click here to read the full article


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