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Press: 'Where We Work: Art Studios in Upstate New York'

Listing Project, by Mayel Gonzales about art studios in Upstate New York

March 29, 2021, USA

Art Studios in Upstate New York - Philippe Halaburda

I have been interviewed by Mayela Rodriguez for 'Listing Project' that features in the series called:

'Where We Work: Art Studios in Boston, Upstate New York, and Miami'.

Welcome to my art studio and “creative laboratory” in Upstate New York:

“I am lucky to live and make art in the same building. My studio is downstairs and my apartment is on the second floor. I am not the kind of artist who works eight hours at a time or late into the night. I need to have real breaks. But I do work every day, which pushes me to create even if some days are not as prolific as others. I use my space as a free creative laboratory. I work by following a very intuitive path and everything is a question of good timing. How to provoke this magical moment of the creation?”



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