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Solo show: 'Philippe Halaburda’s Spatial Representation of Emotion'

January 1 - May 1, 2021

AGC gallery, Newburgh, NY, USA

To kick off the new year, AGC will be opening a brand new show! We’re excited to welcome artist, Philippe Halaburda and his Spatial Representation of Emotion. Currently residing in Newburgh, Philippe was born in Meaux, France and educated in Paris where he spent many of his formative years developing and changing the direction of his body of work.

Philippe never limits his mediums or tools. He produces his works with canvas, paper, color tapes, photos, digital media, windows and has even traded out his paintbrushes for spatulas . His uses of psychogeographic mapping combined with drifting have truly guided his artistic path in recent years and it is in his development of this as a concept that he has been able to translate invisible worlds through the unconscious interconnections of various environments.

We can’t wait for his playful, unpredictable abstraction and emotionally charged explosion of colorful shapes and grids, as they will be the perfect surge of fresh air we need to breathe into a new and transitional year at AGC!



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