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Press: 'Philippe Halaburda is one of ArtConnect’s artists to watch'

Artconnect, by Devanshi Shah

November 21, 2021, Berlin, Germany

“In the midst of seemingly random geometric forms and color, Philippe Halaburda finds a moment of clarity. When closely examined, Halaburda's abstractions could easily have crossed over to be pure chaos. There is tension in the composition, without incorporating any restraint and it invites viewers to interpret the work more freely.” writes Devanshi Shah, Curator.

Philippe Halaburda Philippe work follows the psychogeography concept by exploring the emotional impacts of our relationship with environments. Natural or urban landscapes alter our personal behavior, affect our perceptions, influence our collective interactions, and also reveal invisible connections with the non-human world (objects and animals): he translates and shape emotions, memories, and history through colors and lines in abstract compositions following a creative flow by letting go of control.

His work process delves into the complex undercurrents of our intimate and collective interactions. The blurry boundary between perception and experience.



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