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Press: 'Philippe Halaburda talks about psychogeography maps'

Interlocutor magazine, by Isabel Hou

January 19, 2022, USA

I have been interviewed by Isabel Hou for the online magazine 'Interlocutor magazine' that features in-depth coverage of creators, thinkers, performers, and artists of all types.

Philippe Halaburda is a French artist who is currently based in New York City. He describes his work as “Geographic Abstraction.” Halaburda visualizes the interconnectedness of environments with humans through the abstract use of color and lines. New York City’s urban setting has significantly influenced Halaburda’s work in a way that he explains as “psychogeographic mapping” or “geographic abstraction.” These methods are used as a means to create imagined landscapes that express human and non-human interactions.

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